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"I work on my homes as if I would live in them myself; in fact, I moved my family into one in July 2017."
 – Don Morton

Swift Morton Homes specializes in transforming tired, neglected homes into show pieces within their communities. When we start a project we make a full assessment of the floorplans, mechanicals and ammenities to determine how the home would function optimally. A masterplan is devised and executed with a commitment to detail, assuring that the new home is functionally sound, structurally secure, and aesthetically beautiful. The home should flow naturally with an ease of purpose while representing a haven from the rigors of the world. Live in a Swift Morton Home and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that there's no work to be done, your home is complete.

"As modern life becomes ever more complex and fast paced, our homes must increasingly act as antidotes to stress and tension, as places to relax, unwind and be ourselves."
-Terence Conran
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